What are the Benefits of a Dental Crown?

Dental Crown

When you break a tooth, life feels a bit difficult. Your smile gets affected, and then you cannot chew food properly. Often the teeth get damaged due to accidents. And they’re painful when they break off from the root. Eating becomes an exhausting task due to pain.

Dentistry has come a lot far than just fixing a broken tooth. It can do a lot more than that to keep you smiling brightly. Out of all the options for tooth restoration, one of the most effective is a dental crown. A dental crown is an artificial crown made of porcelain, dental cement or metal. It is a replacement for your natural tooth. The crown can either be attached to worn of partially broken tooth or can be connected to the jaw using a dental implant.

Simple Procedure

All that takes time in getting a crown is the preparation of the tooth on which the crown is placed. The dentist will have to make changes to your tooth so that the crown fits the broken tooth. To place a dental crown, the dentist will first take impressions of your broken tooth on a mold. The dentist then sends the mold to the dental lab, where the crown is fabricated according to the shape of the mold. When the crown in delivered to the dentist’s office, it is bonded to your teeth using a bonding material.


Everybody has distinct genes and hence different shapes of teeth. Dental crowns are customizable according to your facial anatomy. Since the crowns are artificially fabricated, they can be made to match the colour of your teeth. The shape of the crown is made to match the original tooth structure. It improves your smile and doesn’t look out of place.


Along with the replacement of your broken teeth, a dental crown can also match the sustainability of natural teeth. Dental crowns are highly durable. You can keep the same crown for the rest of your life if you practice proper dental hygiene. Artificial crown doesn’t require any special care or medication. If you keep your teeth and gums clean to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation or gingivitis, you can avoid any damage to your crown.

Cosmetic Benefits

Dental crowns can also be used to improve the cosmetics. Sometimes a tooth can chip off due to excess strain or teeth grinding. It can leave cracks on the tooth, spoiling your smile. Dental crowns can hide the cracks and chips, enhancing the look of your smile. They replace the missing part of the tooth and provide proper tooth alignment that looks perfect when you smile.

Dental crowns are one of the most effective ways for tooth restoration. Restorative dentistry can provide you with other solutions for restoring of your lost tooth. You can always contact a dentist in Edmonton for your tooth restoration.