How Can a Dental Bridge Help You?

Dental Bridge

Have you recently lost your tooth, due to an injury, medical condition, or natural causes? And are you wondering what your options are to restore the smile? A missing tooth can create an unsightly gap which can be more than a cosmetic problem. You could experience many problems like chewing, biting or other problems caused by an uneven bite. One of the most common solutions to this problem is a dental bridge placed in your mouth.

A dental bridge uses artificial tooth to close the gaps and improve your oral health. Dental bridges ‘bridge’ the gap between adjoining teeth. Here are some of the benefits of dental bridge that help you restore your smile again.

Maintain the Shape of the Face

Missing teeth must be replaced for a number of reasons. One of the reason is that it can alter your face structure. A missing tooth causes an imbalance in bite between upper and the lower jaw. Dental bridges help to bridge the gap and stimulate the jawbone.

Assist in Function of Your Teeth

A dental bridge replaces the tooth with a specially made crown. The pontic is the part of the bridge that replaces the gap made by the missing tooth. It is also called a dummy or artificial tooth. The artificial tooth is placed between the anchor crowns, and it replaces the missing tooth. The crown is suspended in the space left by the missing tooth and held with additional crowns. These additional crowns are fitted over the neighboring teeth. Depending on the clinical situation and the number of the teeth required to be replaced, a dental bridge can have one or more pontics. Dental bridges function and appear like a normal tooth.

Prevent Shifting of Your Teeth

Every tooth has an individual capacity of chewing force. A missing tooth creates a gap in the structure of the teeth. These gaps between the teeth can distort the balance of the tooth. The shifting of the teeth results in a bad bite. Dental bridges prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position. The chewing forces pass along the abutment teeth to the jawbone. Dental bridges provide comfort as the teeth can perform the chewing process smoothly.

Aims for a Good Oral Health

A toothless gap left untreated can lead to irreversible changes. This can add an adverse effect on oral health. An open space between the tooth causes a food trap, where the food particles can accumulate. Since toothbrush and flossing cannot reach the open area, food debris and bacteria will begin to form. A well fitted dental bridge by a dentist can protect your gum line from gum disease caused by the bacteria.

Well-executed and properly maintained bridges ensure high comfort to people having missing teeth. You can get the bridges accustomed in a short time. The abutment teeth have to be properly prepared to ensure the bridge support and insertion. If you live in South Edmonton and you are looking for a restorative solution for your missing tooth, contact your nearby dental clinic for more information. Make sure you have a regular appointment with your dentist to help you maintain the dental bridge.