Should You Replace Your Veneers with Crowns?

Replace Veneers Crowns

Dental veneers ideally should set you up for a lifetime. For all practical purposes, you may consider yourself fortunate even if it lasts for 20 years. You must proactively take care of it to make it last that long. The average lifespan of a veneer is about 10 years. Once the veneer on your teeth wears out, you might get it replaced with crowns. The million-dollar question is whether or not you should replace your veneers with crowns? Your best bet would be to figure it out after consultation with a cosmetic dentist. We do have a few points to satiate your curiosity.

Trimming of the tooth 

In comparison to veneer which encases only the frontal tooth surface; the crown encases the entire tooth. Naturally substituting the veneer with the crowns would mean losing more of your teeth. You may lose anywhere between 60% – 70% of your tooth. Are you ready to dispense with such a huge amount of your tooth? You must remember that the portion of your tooth once trimmed would not grow back. So, this is the most important point to consult with the cosmetic dentist.

In case the condition of your tooth is already weakened, you might require a root canal prior to the replacement of veneers by crowns.

Improper Alignment

The improper alignment (malocclusion) of your teeth is most likely responsible for damaging your existing veneers. Crowns are generally sturdier than veneers. They can absorb more pressure. It makes perfect sense to replace your old veneers with new crowns as the crowns would last longer than the veneers.

Involuntary Grinding of Teeth

If you are someone who would grind and clench your teeth during sleep (bruxism), then crowns would be a better option than veneers. The crowns due to their better grip and sturdiness would be more durable and thus last longer.

You though might like to consider getting your bruxism treated by balancing your bite with braces. Visit an orthodontist for further information and accurate diagnosis.

Eating Habits 

Do you like to chew on bones more than the steaks? Chew on ice or have bad habits like biting your nails? If your answers are in affirmative, then you would be better off choosing crowns over veneers. The crowns would certainly last longer than the veneers which are only a few millimetres thick.  

 Insurance Coverage

Veneers and crowns though appear pretty similar; the insurance companies differ in their assessments. Veneers are considered as a purely aesthetic treatment. Its counterpart, the crowns though can be used for both aesthetic and functional treatment. The crowns are more likely to be covered by your dental insurance. It is sensible to consult your insurance agent or check the insurance documents properly prior to zeroing on a procedure.   

Ultimately you have to choose an option which is better for your circumstances. Heed to the advice of your cosmetic dentist. Are you a resident of Ellerslie in a dilemma to choose the optimum option for your teeth? Let our dental professionals examine your teeth and help you out to choose between veneer and crown. Feel free to contact Floss & Gloss Dental at your own convenience.