Sedation Dentistry: The Anxiety-Free Dental Care Option

Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid to visit your dentist? Some people do get anxious while visiting the dentist and it’s okay. It is nothing to be embarrassed about being apprehensive about a visit to a dentist. Maybe the anxiety is too much that your whole body tense up. We treat many patients who experience high levels of anxiety on the dental chair. Whatever the reason is, you may have dental anxiety, that is very real and hard to overcome. We, at Floss and Gloss dental, provide sedation dentistry service to our patients to help them keep calm during the dental procedures.

Sedation is a process that is used to establish a relaxed, easy, and calm mind through the use of sedatives. This sedation dentistry in Edmonton is popular because the sedatives can be taken orally, meaning no injections! Here are some benefits that sedation dentistry can provide you with:

Painless Treatment

Dental procedures do not have to include discomfort and pain necessarily. It is possible to feel comfortable at the dentist. Sedation dentistry allows you to rest quietly and calmly during the treatment. You will be sedated enough to be unaware of the treatment. After the procedure, you’ll wake up feeling well-rested and will have little memory of your treatment. Treatment like this includes numbing so you might not feel the pain as well.

Quick Procedure

Traditional dentistry used to take multiple appointments for a single procedure. The reason can include unbearable pain or behavioural issues of the patient. With sedation dentistry, dentists are now able can focus solely on the procedure. Since sedation dentistry includes numbing the area and relaxing you overall, the dentist can treat your dental issues quickly. It’s good news not only for the dentist but also for you, as you can save your precious time and money.

Great for Special Needs

Some people suffer from sensory processing disorder or autism spectrum disorders. It is a challenge to convince these people to visit the dentist. Their experience can include hypersensitivity and discomfort. With sedation dentistry, dentists can clean the teeth and fix other dental problems of such people suffering from these disorders.

Even though many studies show that dental phobia is a very real concern for the patients, many people still advice the patient to overcome it on their own. Sometimes, the patient cannot overcome dental phobia. Relying on patients to develop the necessary courage and mindset, to get over the phobia does not help them.

We, at Floss and Gloss dental, provide sedation dentistry in Edmonton to our patients as we know that dental phobia is real. We provide nitrous oxide sedation and oral sedation to ensure dental procedures comfortable and less traumatic for you.